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Director: Nikolay Khomeriki
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov
Screenplay: Aleksey Onishchenko, Andery Zolotarev
Director of Photography: Fyodor Lyass
Starring: Pyotr Fyodorov, Sergey Puskepalis, Anna Mikhalkova, Aleksandr Yatsenko, Aleksandr Pal’


Based on real events. 1985. A huge iceberg is moving towards the ice-breaker ‘Mikhail Gromov’. Trying to avoid the collision, the vessel gets surrounded by ice, and starts drifting near the Antarctic coast. Eerie silence and harsh cold are the only companions of the crew. They are running out of fuel, and are on the verge of a nervous breakdown… And even if they could leave, there is nowhere to go. They have no room for error. If they take a wrong decision – and the ice will break the ship…

24 October, 20.00

  Beirut Souks Cinema (Invitations only)


About Love

Director: Anna Melikyan
Producers: Anna Melikyan, Valeria Kozlovskaya
Director of Photography: Fyodor Lyass
Starring: Renata Litvinova, Mikhail Efremov, Maria Shalaeva, Yulia Snigir, Vladimir Mashkov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Aleksandra Bortich
Russia, 2015, 115 min.


What is love? The film's characters are trying to answer this question. A string of various people and stories are intertwined in this film. What unites these stories is love: a young couple prefers to live in the skin of Japanese anime characters; a young secretary gets quite a cheesy offer from her boss; a Japanese girl comes to Moscow to look for her perfect Russian man; a graffiti artist in search of beauty; an ex-wife hired by her own husband to perform an unusual task, and many others.

The film was awarded the Grand Prix of the biggest Russian national film showcase Kinotavr in 2015. 


25 October, 21.30

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

The Crew

Director: Nikolay Lebedev
Producer: Leonid Vereshchagin, Anton Zlatopolsky, Nikita Mikhalkov
Writer: Nikolay Kulikov, Nikolay Lebedev with the participation of Yury Korotkov, Tikhon Kornev, and Aleksey Onishchenko
Director of Photography: Irek Khartovich
Starring: Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudite
Russia, 2016, 138 min.

Talented young pilot Alexey Gushchin does not accept authority and acts in accordance with a personal code of honor. For failure to comply with an absurd order, he is prevented from flying a military aircraft again. He applies to a passenger airline and displays remarkable flying talent, landing a chance as an intern. His mentor and aircraft commander Leonid Zinchenko is a rigid man of principle. His colleague and co-pilot Alexandra is an unattainable beauty. The relationships between them all aren’t easy. But in the life-and-death situation, when the world is literally collapsing, everything is in fire and ashes, and the only salvation is in the sky, Gushchin shows all he is capable of. Only being a team, the flight crew can perform a feat and save hundreds of lives.

Film was distributed across the Middle East in June 2016. A Russian box office smash hit!


25 October 19.00

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)


Director: Alexander Kott
Producer: Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov, Anna Kagarlitskaya
Director of Photography: Levan Kapanadze
Starring: Elena An, Danila Rassomakhin, Karim Pakachakov, Narinman Bekbulatov-Areshev
Russia, 2014, 95 min.

Father and daughter live in the steppe. And nothing can change this timeless pattern of life. There’s always tomorrow. Every morning father leaves home for work, and she stays alone. Waiting and feeling. Two people love her. And she loves them both. Love can´t be divided. One day the solution comes. From the place, where the sun is.

The film received the Grand Prix of the major Russian national film festival Kinotavr, and was awarded at key showcases all over the world: Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Honfleur (France), Warsaw (Poland).


26 October, 22.00

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

The Last One

Director: Sergey Pikalov
Producer: Nasib Piriyev, Maria Ivanova
Writer: Sergey Pikalov, Alexander Krasavin
Director of Photography: Denis Madyshev
Starring: Idris Rustamov, Georgy Kafarov
Russia, Azerbaijan, 2014, 15 min.

The old man outlived everyone. His friends, his wife, his children… But he wasn't lonely. An old fridge buzzed hoarsely in the corridor and replaced him friends and family.  The old man didn’t remember when he last left the house. There was no need for it. Every day the neighbor boy brought him groceries, and that was all he needed. The old man lived on the principle of “live each day as if it was your last”. Every evening he lay down to die. Waking up the next morning he shambled to the fridge.

That day started as usual. The old man woke up alive again and headed to the terrace. This time the fridge behaved particularly nasty. The old man got angry and turned on the TV – for the first time in years. And this changed his whole life…

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, after having made it into the official selection  (from 3450 shorts from all over the world). ‘The Last One’ was also screened at key international film showcases: in Palm Springs, London, Rome.


26 October, 20.00 + Q&A

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

Fleeing the War


Director: Maria Ivanova & Nikolay Viktorov
Producer: Maria Ivanova
Writer: Oleg Kolin
Directors of Photography: Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy, Evgeniy Rodin, Aleksandra Kulak
Format: Documentary
Russia, 2016, 70 min.

The war in the Middle East has become a far bigger event than a local social and religious conflict. It suddenly turned out that this strange war in which Arabs kill Arabs concerns everybody. Sated Europe understood it when thousands of refugees flooded in its territory. Suddenly there appeared a great number of them. A frightening number of them. The global problem is daily being discussed by high rank men in governments and diplomatic missions, but these politicians are not interested in small men, who have fled their destroyed country. 

The goal of our project is to show a small man's destiny with a global tragedy in the background.   This small man is not a terrorist or a thug – he doesn't destroy civilization.  Terrorists under the passive eye of the Old and New Worlds don't erect Muslim world, but destroy it. A small man from the Middle East  is a broken piece of the Muslim world needs help. He wants to live and not to be afraid for his children's lives. That is why he leaves his family, crosses the sea in a small boat, commits a crime buying a false documents, gives all his saving to bandits, walks on foot for weeks and climbs over camp fences. Small man is a peasant or a teacher, or a small salesman. It can be a thirteen-year-old teenager or a mother with many children.

With our film we would like to remind you how small the difference is between a political intrigue and cold-blooded extermination of people. We want to see a human life as a main value, not money, short political profit or religious views.


27 October, 20.30 + Q&A

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)



Director: Ruslan Fedotow & Alexandra Kulak
Format: Documentary 
Russia, 2015, 40 min.

In Salamanca time stopped two hundred years ago, when the first Mennonites came to Mexico in search of their place on the Earth. Here everything is predetermined, and lives of the descendants are repeating lives of their ancestors. Private story here is only a part of family history, and one man’s destiny tells us about any other one.
While the hero of the film recalls his childhood in search of the right answer to the most important question of all his life, days, months, and years slowly go by in Salamanca.
The film premiered at the key documentary film festival, IDFA in Amsterdam in November 2015, and was later screened at numerous documentary showcases all over the world: Hotdocs (Canada), Artdocfest (Russia), Docpoint (Finland), GIFF (Mexico), and others.


26 October, 20.30 

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

Her War: Women Vs. ISIS


Author and director: Anastasia Trofimova
Format: documentary
Russia, 2015, 52 min. 

In the face of the deadly threat posed by the so-called Islamic State (formerly ISIS), many Kurdish women decide not to leave their survival to fate. Instead, they fight for their lives and their future. Taking up arms, they join the YPG – Kurdish People’s Protection Units that defend their town’s borders from the militants.


27 October, 19.30 + Q&A

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

We Love Gaza.

Free-running through rubble in the Gaza Strip


Author: Vyacheslav Guz
Director: Alexander Panov
Format: documentary
Russia, 2015, 27 min.

After the Gaza Strip was heavily bombed in 2014, all that remained in many areas were ruins – which became a training ground for young free runners. The sport, also known as parkour, is particularly dangerous in debris-strewn Gaza, but the young men say that as Palestinians they’ve become accustomed to danger.


27 October, 18.30

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

We Can't Live Without Cosmos


Director: Konstantin Bronzit
Producer: Alexander Boyarsky, Sergey Selyanov
Russia, 2014, 15 min.

Two cosmonauts, two friends, try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality. They are competing to go to the final frontier, and only have a month until the launch. However, this story isn’t only about their dream.

The film was nominated for Oscar (Best Animation Short) in 2015.


26 October, 18.30

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

28 October, 20.00

  Beirut Souks Cinema (Free entrance)

Listening to Beethoven

Director: Garri Bardin
Writer: Garri Bardin
Director of photography: Ilya Trafimtsev
Format: Animation
Russia, 2015, 15 min.

The short animation tells about timeless value of triumph and grandeur of freedom which is always important, especially nowadays.  Like many other films by Bardin this animation is full of music. The greatest pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven Ode to joy and the Seventh symphony can be heard throughout the film. They were recorded by The National Philharmonic of Russia  while being conducted by the great Vladimir Spivakov.


26 October, 18.00

  Metropolis Sofil Cinema (Free entrance)

The Ugly Duckling

Director: Garri Bardin
Producer: Garri Bardin
Director of photography: Ivan Remizov
Voiceover: Svetlana Stepchenko, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Konstantin Raykin, Vladimir Spivakov and Yuliya Rutberg
Format: Animation
Russia, 2010, 75 min.

Adapted from the Andersen tale and played out in musical comedy mode, The Ugly Duckling is set in a farmyard where roosters, hens, ducks and geese live and lay eggs together. One fine day, a rooster discovers a giant egg behind the farmyard kingdom fence, and discreetly slips it into the clutch laid by his partner... Very soon, a cygnet emerges, but as he in no way resembles any of them he is immediately stigmatized by the whole farmyard, enduring humiliations and suspicion on the part of his feathered companions. But in the end he becomes a magnificent white swan.

The Nika Award for the Best Animated film!


28 October, 20.15 + Closing ceremony / Concert

  Beirut Souks Cinema (Invitations only)