About the Festival


The idea of a festival of Russian films in Lebanon belongs to the Russian film company Buta Films, which will also organize the event. 15 Russian films will be screened at the festival, pictures that not only have become box-office leaders, but also have won awards at numerous international festivals during the last five years. That is why the event is called “Five years in five days”. Besides feature films the festival will screen short, animated and documentary films, among which there are Oscar nominated films and participants of Cannes, Moscow, Toronto film festivals and other notable works. The guests of the festival are Russian actors, directors and journalists.


The festival will take place during The Year of Russian Cinema (2016). It is going to be the most sensational cultural project of the year in the Middle East. The best cinema halls in Beirut like Beirut Souks and Metropolis Sofil will open their doors for the Russian cinema. All the screening wil be non-commercial with Arabic or English subtitles.

The film festival in Lebanon will not only be a entertaining event, but also a cultural and educational one. It will introduce cultures and traditions of other peoples to the audiences and show historical aspects of relationship development  between the two countries. The project will serve another proof of friendship and strong connection between Lebanon and Russia. Furthermore, the festival of Russian cinema in Lebanon will be a part of a big Middle-Eastern project the aim of which is to promote modern Russian cinema, culture and art.